Summer Time – Trendsetter eCommerce PSD Template (Retail)

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Summer Time PSD Template

Summer Time PSD Template ready for any eCommerce purpose or your own website solution. This template is suitable for all kinds of online stores, from gadgets store and fashion shop to any kinds of equipment like surfing, fishing, recreation etc. Anything that could be sold online should use full power of this Awesome Template!

Develop your website based on Bootstrap 3, Grid 1170px.

Get your chance to reach a new level, buy Summer Time and Download 21 PSD files right now.

This template has awesome possibilites, so you can easy use it for any goal. I will be glad to help you if you need something else. If you have any questions or offers you can freelly contact me via my website: or via my profile contact form.

Main Features

  • 21 PSD Files
  • Bootstrap, 1170px Grid
  • Free Fonts (Google Fonts) & Icons (FontAwesome) used
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Fully Guidlined
  • Easy to customize
  • Widgets Ready
  • Perfectly with Visual Composer & LMM Menu
  • WooCommerce Support
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • 404 and Under Construction Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Well Organized Layers and Properly Named
  • DOC File Included
  • and much more…

List of PSD files

  • 01_01_001_Home.psd
  • 02_01_001_Shop.psd
  • 02_02_001_Shop.psd
  • 03_01_001_Shop_Item.psd
  • 04_01_001_Blog.psd
  • 04_02_001_Blog.psd
  • 05_01_001_Blog_Item.psd
  • 06_01_001_Gallery.psd
  • 06_02_001_Gallery.psd
  • 07_01_001_Gallery_Item.psd
  • 07_02_001_Gallery_Item.psd
  • 08_01_001_About_Us.psd
  • 09_01_001_Contact_Us.psd
  • 10_01_001_Services.psd
  • 11_01_001_Our_Team.psd
  • 12_01_001_Support.psd
  • 13_01_001_404_Page.psd
  • 13_02_001_404_Page.psd
  • 14_01_001_Under_Construction.psd
  • 15_01_001_Best_Offer.psd
  • 16_01_001_Subscribe_Form.psd

Source & Credits

Thestocks –
Flickr –
Shutterstock –
Deathtothestockphoto –

Please Note: Images in the main file are replaced by placeholders, all images used for demo purpose only. Don’t worry about elements, shapes and graphic, it is allready in your main file.

Web Fonts:
Lato –
Karla –

FontAwesome –

Change Log

Version 1.0 – 26 April, 2016

Initial release

Thanks for watching!

Visit my website at:
Support is here:

Follow me on: ThemeForest | Dribbble | Behance | Twitter | Facebook | G+

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Advanced Custom Fields Date & Time Picker (WordPress)

Advanced Custom Fields Date & Time Picker is an Add-on for Advanced Custom Fields to add Date & Time functionality to ACF backend and front-end forms, you simply choose date and time as field type and you can either choose to display date or time and even both.

Please watch the video carefully to understand how it works, Enjoy.

If you like the plugin, please don’t forget to rate, Thank you :-)

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Wedding Time – Responsive Wedding Time Themes (Wedding)

Wedding Time Themes template, want to make your wedding more special? Wedding time themed useful features to make wedding template for couple person to get amazing experiance use this template, why?because you can get new design never you found on another templates.


Template Feature

  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.2
  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML + Slim + Sass + CSS3
  • CSS3 Animation
  • 10+ HTML5 Pages Experiance
  • SEO Friendly
  • Help documentation
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3

Plugin Credits

Free Fonts

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WooCommerce Time & Quantity Based Pricing (Products)

The WooCommerce Time & Quantity Based Pricing (WCTBP) plugin is a powerful tool that allows the shop admin to create “pricing rules” that dinamically set products price according to time periods and quantity (currently in cart).

user: demo
pass: demo


It’s very straight-forward. Once installed and activated, a new “Time & quantity pricing” voice will appear in the main menu, from where the shop admin can access to the pricing rules configurator and create the “pricing rules”.


The shop admin can assign to a set of products (directly selecting them or a set of categories) multiple pricing rule. Each pricing rule has the following option:

  1. Rule name/id
  2. Product(s) selection
  3. Category(es) selection
  4. Assignment strategy (the rule can be assigned to the selected product/categories or to all products except the ones selected)
  5. “Children” categories (if a category was selected, that rule can be assigned also to its children)
  6. Time periods


For each pricing rule, the shop admin can create different dates & time periods (asasda) and assign them different prices. Every price strategy can depend on the product quantity present in the customer shopping cart. If the quantity is null or 0, the displayed product price will be automatically adjusted according to the strategy.

Example 1

The shop admin would like to make a special discount of the 20% for all “Category 1” products between 09:00 to 18:00 in evey day and for the whole 25th December day.
To configure this he only has to:

  1. Create a new rule and assign a name/id
  2. Select “Category 1” under categories
  3. Create a new price rule where:
    1. Day date type: Day of the week
    2. Days of the week: Select all
    3. Months: Select all
    4. Hour: 9
    5. Minute: 0
    6. End hour: 17
    7. End minute: 59
  4. Create a new date price rule where
    1. Price strategy: percentage
    2. Price value: 80% (in this case the final price will be 20% less than the original)
    3. Min and Max quantity can be left empty (but if the offer has to depend on the purchased quantity, this value can be filled as desidered)
  5. Create a time rule where:
    1. Day date type: Day of the month
    2. Days of the month: Select 25
    3. Months: Select “December”
    4. Hour: 0
    5. Minute: 0
    6. End hour: 23
    7. End minute: 59
    8. Create a new date price rule where
      1. Price strategy: percentage
      2. Price value: 80% (in this case the final price will be 20% less than the original)
      3. Min and Max quantity can be left empty (but if the offer has to depend on the purchased quantity, this value can be filled as desidered)

Example 2

Special price for all the “Category 1” products based on quantity. From 2 to 5 purchases, 20% discount and for more than 6 items 30% discount. This offer has to be active only during December.

  1. Create a new rule and assign a name/id
  2. Select “Category 1” under categories
  3. Create a new time period rule where:
    1. Day date type: Day of the week
    2. Days of the week: Select all
    3. Months: Select December
    4. Hour: 9
    5. Minute: 0
    6. End hour: 23
    7. End minute: 59
  4. Create a new pricing rule where
    1. Price strategy: percentage
    2. Price value: 80% (in this case the final price will be 20% less than the original)
    3. Min quantity: 2
    4. Max quantity: 5
  5. Create a new pricing rule where
    1. Price strategy: percentage
    2. Price value: 70% (in this case the final price will be 30% less than the original)
    3. Min quantity: 3
    4. Max quantity: can be left empty


Another useful feature added by the WCTBP plugin is a new column named “Pricing rule(s)” On the Products list page. In this way the shop admin can always know if a pricing rule has been assigned to one (or more) post(s)/product(s)


Frontend price change will be applied to shop page, product page, cart page,… WCTBP


Configurator WCTBP
Scheduling date: day selection (days of the month option selected) WCTBP
Scheduling rule(s) on products list page WCTBP
Server time sincronization WCTBP


 = 1.0 - 05/02/16 = * Release  

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WooCommerce Delivery Time Slots (Shipping)

WooCommerce Delivery Time Slots – Let users select best time for delivery

Woocommerce Delivery Time Slots is a WooCommerce addon that allows customers to pick date and time for delivery when shipping on checkout page. Customers are able to select date and time for shipping in an intuitive and user-friendly widget. The delivery time will be visible to site administrators when viewing the order in the admin area. It also will be sent via emails to administrators.

You can define which time slots available to fit your business. Users can only choose a time slots from the predefined ones. No limits on the number of time slots as well as their format. You can set simple time ranges (from 8 AM to 12 AM), or any text (by the end of the day), etc.

If you want to allow customers to select any time, then check the Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping (they are similar in every specs, except the time picker).

The power of the plugin comes from its configuration. Administrators can easily change how the date time picker widget appears in the front end by changing text label, language, date and time format.

Administrators also can restrict dates and date ranges for shipping, prevent customers require shipping on holidays, weekends, etc. or can provide shipping on certain days of a month.


  • 1/1/* – No shipping on January 1st of any year (New Year)
  • */1/2014 – No shipping on first day of any month of 2014
  • 12/24/* - 1/1/* – No shipping from December 24th to January 1st of next year
  • */1/* - */5/* – No shipping on first 5 days of any month of any year
  • 8/*/* - 12/1/* – No shipping from August to December 1st of any year

(More examples in plugin documentation)

There’re many ways for administrators to limit the shipping date, time, not only by dates and date ranges as above but also by

  • Shipping methods
  • Week days
  • Some days from today
  • Number of shipments per day
  • etc.

With the Woocommerce Delivery Time Slots plugin, your customer service will be improved to a new level just in a few clicks!

WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker Features

  • Customize text label: You don’t need to have technical skill to translate text
  • Language support: support 74 languages and also support to set custom texts
  • Easy to change date format
  • Ability to restrict dates and date ranges
  • Ability to restrict week days
  • Ability to define any kind of time slots for delivery
  • Ability to select theme
  • Ability to enable/disable for specific shipping methods
  • Ability to limit number of shipments per day
  • Ability to select theme
  • Shortcode [wdts_shipping_time] and [wdts_field] to show shipping time and the date picker anywhere
  • Auto update

Proudly made by the author of WordPress Meta Box Plugin.

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Content Marketing WordPress Plugin – Time Master (Advertising)

Time Master is an innovative WordPress plugin, allowing several time-based functions through simple shortcodes. From a simple current time and opening hours display, to advanced content management, Time Master offers you the possibility to keep your website fresh and show your visitors exactly what you want, when you want it. With the help of our smart shortcodes, you don’t have to worry anymore about frequent content updates. You can show your visitors the right content, at the right time, just by scheduling when it will be displayed.

Time-Based Content Management

For complete flexibility, we are using 4 different shortcodes, allowing you to define accurately when you want the content to be visible on the page: Every day at the same hour, only on Mondays, in the summer, only during October… you have total control over your content.

Schedule a Black Friday promo with tm-date-based

You can prepare your website for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Black Friday with as much time in advance as you want. The content inside the shortcode will appear the moment (hour and day) your promo starts and disappear when it’s over. No more work on your pages during the holidays.

Show your breakfast menu only in the morning with tm-time-based

You don’t serve the same food for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it can get confusing for visitors who wish to place an order. Changing your website daily is obviously not an option. Time Master allows you to display the content inside the shortcode only during a specific time of the day, showing only the available products.

List only today’s classes with tm-day-based

At the dance club, each day of the week something different is happening. Monday it’s Salsa, Tuesday it’s Rumba and on Fridays you have Ballet. You don’t have to display just a static weekly schedule, you can promote what is happening today, every day.

Advertise lower room rates during your bad months with tm-month-based

No matter where your hotel is located, there are always great months and slow months. Time Master lets you schedule your offer for the whole year, ahead of time, and show every month the content you want. Your website will show the special December prices every year, without you changing anything.

Opening Hours Schedule

With a simple shortcode and a few parameters, you can display the opening / closing hours of your business. If you want something with a little more details, there’s plenty of customization options.

  • Two available time formats: 12 and 24 hours
  • Set the entire day as Closed
  • Replace the opening hours with your custom content
  • Replace the Closed status with your own message
  • Set a holiday time, as long as you want, when your status is Closed
  • Display custom content when you are Open / Closed

Current Time Display

It’s enough to add [tm-local-time] and your website will display the current time. With the help of a few parameters, you can customize the time display to your needs.

  • Display the server time or choose the GMT yourself
  • Two available time formats: 12 and 24 hours
  • Show seconds
  • Show the current date
  • Use your own content as separator between time and date
  • All standard WP date formats supported
  • Show an icon
  • Choose a text size according to font-size properties
  • Choose a custom color for text and icon

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WooCommerce Pre-sale / Time offer System (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Pres-sales / Time offers system (WCPS) is a powerful tool that adds to WooCommerce many new features to plan Pre-sales or Time limited offers for all products!

user: demo
pass: demo


The idea behind the plugin is to have a tool by which the shop admin can configure special price for items according to a selected period. This period could be a pre-sale period in which offer a few amout of items to a special price or a special offer for a weekend or seasonal offer.
With WCPS plugin you can do all of that. Further more you can also limit the offer period non only by date, but also using a “Threshold” value.


WCPS is a very flexible tool that lets the shop admin to configure many “end strategies”. By WCPS you can choose to make an item unavaiable or switch to its regular price by:

  • End date: The item can will be turned back to its regular price or made unavailable for purchasing (setted as ‘Draft).
  • Threshold limit: The item price will turn to its regular price or will be unavailable (setted as ‘Draft’) once reached the threshold.
  • Threshold limit check only at expiring date: Once the expiring date is reached, item price will switch to its regular price/swithced. to unavailable (setted as ‘Draft’) if the threshold has been reached.


Would you like to plan a pre-sale or time-offer for a draft-product? would you like to automatich publish the product once the start date comes? with WCPS you can! you have only to set a starting date and save the product as “Draft”, the plugin will automatically publish the product at the selected starting date!


Another useful feature is the purchase limit option. For each product, you can choose to limit purchasable quantities per order or per customer (this second option works only if gust users are disabled).
For the customer limit, the plugins remebers how many quantities the customer has bought in his past orders dening him to purchase more that the limit you have setted.


You can configure to display custom messages in the shop page after every item and/or in the single product page and custo “Add to cart” label. You can also choose to display countdown timer to start/end date.

NOTE: the plugin uses the change_cart_button_text,after_description_shop_loop_item and after_description_product_page_item to implement these feature. All good themes uses this actions during shop and single product rendering, but could happen a theme is not using them so my plugin cannot hook to to add custom texts and countdowns.


WCPS lest you to use some shorcodes to be used in pages/post. You can specify an “id” as parameter to retriev info of a specific product. if not specified, will be displayed info of the current product: here the list:

  • [wpcs_active]: Is presale active
  • [wcps_expiring_date ]: Expiring date
  • [wcps_expiring_time]: Expiring time
  • [wcps_expiring_datetime]: Expiring datetime
  • [wcps_start_date]: Start date
  • [wcps_start_time]: Start time
  • [wcps_start_datetime]: Start datetime
  • [wpcs_get_sales]: Total sale

example using the id parameter: [wcps_expiring_date id=”59”]


WCPS exposes some global function to be used in your theme/plugin to retrieve pre-sales/time offer periods info:

  • wpcs_active($ product_id = null)
  • wcps_expiring_date($ product_id = null)
  • wcps_expiring_time($ product_id = null)
  • wcps_expiring_datetime($ product_id = null)
  • wcps_start_date($ product_id = null)
  • wcps_start_time($ product_id = null)
  • wcps_start_datetime($ product_id = null)
  • wpcs_get_sales($ product_id = null)


You can configure periods and option going in the product edit page, you will find a new tab called “Pre-sales / Time offer period” under “Product Data” or you can use the bulk editor in the “Pre-sales” / “Time Offer” main menu voice.


In every admin product page, the WCSP plugin adds a new box called “Who bough” that will list all the registered customer who bought the item and how many have bought. Will ad also a box where you can see how many sales during the pre-sale / time offer period. NOTE: Total sales counter is used to determine if the “Threshold” limit has been reached (when used).


Last but not least, You can find all the orders contanining products sold during a pre-sale / time offer period. Using this tool, you can fine search what you need using some filter like product/category/customer/order status/date/logic operators…










WCSP will add a new colum displaying is pre-sale / time offer period is active. WCPS


WCPS will add new column displaying item sold during a pre-sale / time offer period. WCPS






 = 1.1 - 20/10/15 = * Is now possible to use shorcodes on shop/product message * Bugfixes  = 1.0 - 18/10/15 = * Release  

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Real Time Image Presenter tool for WordPress (Galleries)

RealTime Image Presenter tool for WordPress

Create realtime multiuser presentations in few minutes to share products, slides or photos

You can use a WordPress page that acts as remote controller and another one to display the presentation.

RealTime Image Presenter tool for WordPress includes two different shortcodes: [wp-realtime-controller] and [wp-realtime-gallery]. Both, the “controller” and “the gallery” can be included in any wordpress page or post and can be syncronized even if they are on different blogs and domains. You can use your mobile phone/tablet as controller and your desktop or a video projector to display the gallery.

To use the plugin you need a free Firebase account. Read the documentation to get more info about this simple step.


  • Multiuser and Multiroom
  • Shortcode to create a remote controller
  • Shortcode to create a controlled presentation
  • Touch / Swipe carousel with page indicators
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Customizable
  • Easy integration
  • Two-way communication (experimental)

Examples of use

      1. one-to-one:

    • talks: make presentations from your laptop (on video projectors) and control them by your mobile device
    • work: show your catalogue/magazine/photos on the customer’s computer and control it from your smartphone
    • family: open the photo gallery link on the HTML5 browser of your smart TV (should also works with GoogleTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV and many others) and control it from your phone.
    • every showcase or presentations that is to be controlled by remote
    • 2. one-to-many:

    • training: share your presentation to all the displays of the attendees (desktop, tablet or smartphones)
    • online meetings: share your slides to all monitors of the partecipants without a screensharing tool
    • multi-display showcases

    How to use

    The plugin includes two different shortcodes: [ wp-realtime-controller ] and [ wp-realtime-gallery ] . Both, the “controller” and “the gallery” can be included in any wordpress page or post and can be syncronized even if they are on different blogs and domains.


    This plugin is a tool and the goal is not to use it in a traditional website (although you can do it). So both components, the controller and the gallery, works fine on most of mobile devices, tablet and smartphones, such as IOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and many others. While the best fullscreen desktop experience is available on Google Chrome for desktop (IE9 is not supported).


    The controller and the gallery works on any resolution. Anyway you can manually update the plugin CSS if you need to customize it.


    RealTime Image Presenter takes advantage of AngularJS, Angular Carousel, JQuery and Firebase.

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The News Time- Magazine WordPress Theme (Blog / Magazine)

Change log

 The News Time- Change log  The News Time - 1.0.1 (Released 2014-01-24)  =========================================== -  Fixed: Top Menu cannot link with mobile screen 

Video Tutorials

Setup the News Times in a minute

A Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme

The News Time is a responsive magazine theme. It is designed specifically for the news, magazine and blog websites. This Magazine WordPress Theme is extremely flexible, you can customize elements in a theme such as changing the color schemes, adding new sidebars, custom fonts, changing layouts…

Fully responsive

The News Time Magazine WordPress Theme has been built with love using the latest HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery techniques with a validity code, completely responsive to look perfectly in all mobile devices, easily usage with any device as well . Responsive design optimized for tablets and smartphones, resize your browser and hit refresh to check it out.

Multiple Layout

The News Time Magazine Themes come with two layout style, two blog layout type and two single layout style , a lot of elements and multi post format. With its professional layout, it’s easy to customize. Magazine WordPress Theme can be set up quickly and easily.

Visual Layout Manager to make easy

With visual layout manager, you can easily create every page within your site, just in some minutes.

Translation Ready

You can translate the theme to your own language. The Theme includes .mo and .po file for easy translation. And more features…It is perfect choice for your magazine, blog and news websites. With this Magazine WordPress theme you can make your site more creative! This magazine WordPress theme was designed and coded by KOPATHEME


  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited colors options with color picker in backend
  • Built with Boostrap and retina ready
  • HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design.
  • Custom fonts with 600+ Google fonts
  • Visual shortcode generator
  • Unlimited sidebar.
  • A lot of widget elements
  • Easily adding Google analytics, logo, favicon, social links …
  • Works in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
  • Theme Update Notifier.
  • Localization Support
  • Documentation included


  • Support through our support forum at
  • We are available for customize the theme if you need. Please send us your email at In working day (from Monday to Friday), all the question or problem related to our product will be responded within maximum 24 hours. No matter how long it takes, we will support you until the problem is completely fixed. Support request sent during weekends will be processed on next Monday morning.

Sources and Credits

The above demo images are copyrighted to their respective owners under Creative Commons-licensed for commercial use, adaptation, modification or building upon. The images are used for demo purpose and are NOT included with the download.

Whether you are a start-up with limited resources and time or looking to give a magazine/blog look and feel to your next web project, The News Time responsive magazine WordPress Theme got you covered!

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