SuperEmbed.js : Fluid width for Embedded Videos

SuperEmbed.js detects YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, VideoPress, DailyMotion, and more embedded videos on webpages and makes them responsive. Essentially, this means they strech to fill their container while still maintaining the original aspect ratio.Works without external libraries like JQueryWorks automatically with YouTube, Vimeo, Kickstarter, CollegeHumor, Hulu, Flickr, Vine, VideoPress, DailyMotion,, and embedded videosResponsive videos […]

Download SuperEmbed.js : Fluid width for Embedded Videos from Webostock Marketplace.

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Wdoo WordPress Video – Import Youtube and Vimeo Videos to Post (Media)


Create your own video website! The Wdoo WP Video for wordpress is an advanced, easy to use video uploader to create your own video portal. Import unlimited Youtube and Vimeo videos automatically in bulks of 50 or a single video manually into the built in custom post type (Wdoo Video Items) or automatically through the Wdoo options panel.

Wdoo WP Video plugin can be used with ANY WordPress Theme and if you are familiar with the Video Tube Premium WordPress Theme available on themeforest, the plugin is 100% compatible and intergrates seamlessly with it (other premium themes will be added to the plugin in future updates).

100% compatible with the Video Tube Premium Theme


Admin Screenshot




  • Easy to use Admin option page
  • Automatically Import Youtube Videos – Channels, Single Video and Search Query
  • Automatically Import Vimeo Videos – Channels, Groups, User, Single Video and Search Query
  • Automatically imports channel names and tags
  • Can use with any WordPress theme through the built in wdoo custom post type which videos are import into
  • Mix Video post with your normal wordpress posts
  • Manually add videos
  • Manually add categories, channels and tags
  • Option to import videos with tags
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Video Tube Premium WordPress Theme (not include) Click Here
  • Resposive Video Light box
  • More features to come


  • YouTube v3 API
  • Vimeo API


If you have a question or need support you can contact through my profile!

Regards, Freddie

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ViralPress – Viral news, lists, quiz, videos & polls plugin (Social Networking)

ViralPress banner image Features of ViralPress

Introduction to ViralPress

ViralPress is a wordpress plugin to build a viral content sharing platform. ViralPress supports news, lists, images, audio, videos, social media embeds, polls and quizzes.

With ViralPress, anyone can easily create viral lists, quizzes and polls quickly and easily. ViralPress has its own author profiles, login, signup & password reset pages bypassing default wordpres pages that makes your site looks more dedicated & professional.

ViralPress is compatible with most of the wordpress themes around here. Besides, you can customize your site with other plugins & themes as necessary.

So now you can create your own Buzzfeed like site on wordpress.

List of Available Features

ViralPress offers a wide list of features. Some of them are presented below-

  • Frontend Editor: With ViralPress, you do not have to let your contributors access your wordpress admin panel to create & edit viral posts. They can post and manage via frontend easily.
  • Custom Login & Signup Page: ViralPress has its own login, signup & password reset page matching your frontend theme. No need to send your users to wp-admin for login.
  • Eight types of Viral Posts: ViralPress supports news, lists, images, videos, audio, quiz, polls and social media embeds.
  • Mixed Contents: ViralPress allows you to mix different types of contents together. So you can mix image, video, audio or social media embeds on a single post.
  • Frontend Image Editor: WordPress default image editor is available via frontend to be used by contributors of your wordpress site.
  • Social Login: ViralPress login module supports login by facebook or google profiles.
  • Facebook comments: ViralPress supports facebook comments plugin on post pages besides wordpress default comments system. You can turn in on or off via ViralPress admin configurations page.
  • Social Share Buttons: ViralPress adds 11 different social media share buttons with your wordpress posts or viral posts. You can also control this feature from admin panel.
  • Custom Author Page: ViralPress has custom profile pages for authors where they can choose their own profile pictures and cover photos.
  • Powerful Quiz & Poll Builder: With ViralPress, one can build awesome quizzes & polls. It is possible to add textual or pictorial question as well as answers. As well as whether it can be chosen whether the quiz is fixed answer type or analytical type. Possible to assign quiz results based on scores obtained. While creating polls, one can also set the voting end time.

Supported post types in ViralPress-

  • News: A news have a title and description with it. You can also add image, video, audio or social media posts with a news.
  • Lists: Its basically a list of images, videos, audio or any other post type supported by ViralPress.
  • Images: jpg, png & gif images are supported. Upload from computer or remote url upload is supported. This uses wordpress default uploader in frontend.
  • Videos: Video embeds from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Vine supported.
  • Audio: Audio embeds from Soundcloud supported.
  • Pins: Social Media embeds from facebook (post, page & video), twitter (tweet & profile), vine, google plus (post), pinterest (pin, board & profile), instagram (post) supported.
  • Quiz: ViralPress supports two types of quiz – fixed answer type, analytical quizzes. In fixed answer type quizzes, if one chooses the correct answer, they get 1 point otherwise 0 point. On the other hand in analytical quizzes, user gets point based on their choice. Creator of the quiz can assign results based on the score use user gets.
  • Polls: ViralPress also supports polls. Any member of your site can create polls & participate on voting. Poll results are shown only to members who participate or when voting period ends.

Server Requirements

To run ViralPress, your server must meet the following requirements-

  • WordPress: Latest version of wordpress. If you do not have latest version, we recommend version 4 or greater)
  • Theme compability: ViralPress should work on most of the themes. However, in some themes few pages will look better if the sidebar is hidden. For example, the create new post page or the custom author page requires the full width of a page to display nicely. But some wordpress themes do not have any full width display template. For those themes, you will have to create a full width template yourself or change the theme.

ViralPress Demo

To test a demo of this plugin, please use the following URL –
ViralPress demo website
Username: test
Password: test

Online documentation:
View documentation

Help & Support

To get help and support please contact us via Email on our codecanyon profile page. We do not provide support via comments section of item page. If you have presales question or feature requests, you can post on comments section.

Note: The preview images displayed here are theme dependent and will vary based on the theme used.

Credits: Icon made by Freepik from

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WP Youtube Videos Posts and Gallery (Media)

This plugin allows to download Youtube video information WordPress Posts/Page /YTPost or any other custom post type. This plugin is based on Youtube api V3.
In admin, videos can be search by Channel or Playlist or Search keyword. Video informations are editable before update into WordPress. In addition these information can also shown as Gallery on website using provided shortcode.

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Ad Overlay Anything – videos, images or text (Advertising)

What is it?

Ad Overlay Anything is a WordPress plugin that can show your ads on top of anything, including embedded videos, images, or blocks of text. Increase your ad exposure and site revenue by placing relevant ads directly over your most important content!

How will it help your site?

Ads are not effective unless they are seen, right? If your website visitors aren’t seeing the advertisements you are placing then you are missing out on potential sales and income.

Ad Overlay Anything allows you to place ads directly where your visitors are going to be looking, thereby boosting your ad views and click through ratios.

It also allows you to tailor your advertisements and tie them to particular pieces of content. If a visitor to your website is viewing certain content, for example, then they are more likely to be interested in products or services relating to that content. Tailoring your advertisements this way allows you to drastically increase your conversion rates and truly make the most out of your advertising space.

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Youtube Videos To WordPress Posts (Media)

YVTWP (Youtube Videos To WordPress Posts) plugin allow users to import Youtube videos to WordPress in the easiest possible way. You can query videos by user, channel, query, id, and you can also do bulk imports to save yourself some time. It also support a clean way to integrate videos into your theme. You can check the list of available functionalities on the Documentation.

To easily get started with the plugin, you can watch the video below and test the plugin on the demo website.

Watch demo video on YouTube

Key Features

  • Youtube API v3.
  • Multiple feed types integration. (single video, channel, user, playlists, search query)
  • Powerful caching system.
  • Bulk import.
  • Result filter support (for playlists and search queries).
  • Custom post types integration.
  • Scheduled posting.
  • Flexible embed options for your theme.
  • Default settings for easier import.

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One Click Videos for WordPress (Media)

One Click Videos Plugin One Click Videos Plugin One Click Videos Plugin One Click Videos Plugin One Click Videos Plugin


This is premium version of our Free Plugin that has already 2000+ users DailyMotion Search and Publish Videos

The Free version is only for DailyMotion but in this version of plugin, we’ve Youtube & Vimeo plus a lot of improvements and additional features.

One Click Videos is the ultimate WordPress solution for searching Videos from Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo and publish them on your website with just one click.

One Click Videos is NOT JUST ANOTHER VIDEO ROBOT OR AUTO BLOG Plugin, This Plugin is the Best way to create a Video Blog of your own choice videos, each handpicked.

It supports now VIMEO and Youtube in addition to Dailymotion. Millions of videos are now within reach of a click.

One plugin. Infinite possibilities !


Try the DEMO here:
user: demo
Pass: demo


You can use any search keyword and search either Recent or Relevant videos from Youtube, DailyMotion and Vimeo. This plugin will automatically pull your categories upto 3 levels. You can then save Videos in these categories. A video Post will add the following to your post.

  1. Video Title
  2. Video Description
  3. Video Duration
  4. Video Thumbnail automatically set as Featured image of your post.
  5. Video Embed HTML code automatically inserted in your Post content Or Custom Field

Once video is published, you will get a link to EDIT right on plugin dashboard.

You can search Videos by user ID and pull upto 100 results at a time with sorting based on Views, Popularity, Relevance, Date, etc.

You can also add your theme compatible settings in “User Settings” Page.

  1. Video Embed Custom Field
  2. Video Title Prefix
  3. Video Additional Description
  4. Post Format ( video / Standard )
  5. Post Status ( Publish / Draft )

You can also do the following Video Source Settings for DailyMotion, Youtube & Vimeo

  1. Dailymotion Synidcation Setting
  2. Youtube API Setting
  3. VIMEO API Setting
  4. Select Player Size
  5. AutoPlay Video
  6. Player Control Settings
  7. Family Filter
  8. Video Information

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Shoot to Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos Reviews

Shoot to Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos

Shoot to Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos

Shoot to Sell is a step-by-step, do-it-yourself guide for successfully producing, selling and marketing videos without a huge financial investment for anyone who has an idea or expertise that they want to showcase in video. Learn how to successfully create and market videos for carefully researched niche markets, for long-term residual income.

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 20.71

Develop WordPress plug-ins Learn Course – 17 Videos Tutorials + Resale Rights

End Date: Wednesday Aug-14-2019 15:10:05 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $4.99
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End Date: Wednesday Jul-24-2019 10:28:35 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $2.79
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