Fixed Images Positioning – WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

Fixed Images Positioning plugin can be used for different purpose , important aspects can be defined for social share , User Post advertise , sponser’s small adverts with any size for example (25*25), feedback button , live chat button etc.. all six sides left top, left middle, right top, right middle . Hence one of most powerful plugin for getting publize in other networks so user can add you in facebook fan page , add in twitter , subscribe your feeds etc..

How it works

Some Key features

-Drag and drop options -re-order the buttons once they’ve been uploaded.
-Positioning options, left top, left middle, right top, right middle etc.
-Enable and disable options..
-Can be used now for feedback button, live chat button .
-Create New Social Share button
-You can create N – number of images , but don’t make it over.
-Edit option have Browse image , title, give link ,target and enable options..
-It takes all type of image format with size as well. .
-User can see the images what ever his screen resolution , its a fixed image.
-the link open in new windows.
-much more …

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