Intuitive – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template (Admin Templates)

Intuitive – is a powerful admin dashboard template. This template is absolutely LessCss supported and structured. All ui components are grouped in separate files. That means that you can easily find and edit, remove or include components that included in.

It’s intuitively understandable and easy to use. Source code of Intuitive is well commented and structured. All variables can be found in one theme file. That gives you a possibility to quick edit your template.

This template is light weighted, but in the same time it’s powerful and fast. The main reason of this is that we used only css and js to build awesome layout and design.

Check out the live preview, and don’t forget to visit all pages and try all options in settings.



2015 August 10th – Version 1.2

 - New horizontal navigation(new layout) - Tabbed Content Feature - New widgets - Image cropping tool(+php files) - Dropzone file upload plugin - Minor changes in js - Minor bugs fixed 

2015 July 22th – Version 1.2

 - Minor bugs fixed 

2015 July 14th – Version 1.2

 - Initial release 

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