Awesome Map WP – Fully Customizable Markers Map (Miscellaneous)

What is Awesome Map WP ?

Awesome Map is a WordPress Plugin that you can use to display a fully customizable markers map on your website. You can embed it everywhere, in an article, in yours pages or in your sidebars thanks to a really simple shortcode !

Try it !

Awesome Features

  • Admin Page with Drag & Drop Support.
  • Pin Creator : Dramatically easy to use tool to customize your makers / pins by setting a color, an icon, a marker style…
  • 369 customizable icons from the great Font-Awesome library.
  • Choose a color from the color picker included with the Pin Creator.
  • 7 Google Map Themes.
  • 4 Map Views (“Default Roadmap”, “Satellite”, “Hybrid” or “Terrain” view).
  • Custom Infobox with streetview integration, WordPress WYSIWYG Editor, drag & drop automation
  • Marker Clusterer : Enable / Disable the Marker Clusterer feature in the Awesome Map Admin. Marker Clusterer shows a clickable icon when there are a lot of markers in one location.     
  • Show / Hide the search bar on the map from the admin page.

Commercial Use

If you want to use this WordPress Plugin in a commercial project, please purchase one extended license per project. For example, you can integrate Awesome Map in a ThemeForest theme that you sell by purchasing an extended license.

PHP Version

This plugin also exists as a PHP Plugin : here !


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