Better Images (Media)

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and so does your website! If you are using low-res images that either don’t take up all the space they should, they get scaled up and become blurry or they just have the same size when you click on them to enlarge than when you view them as a thumbnail, you are looking really bad to the eyes of a first time visitor who just got to your site.

There are many reasons why your site might be using low-res images. Maybe you didn’t have a gallery option to enlarge your images before, but now you do, or maybe you just switched to a new theme that requires larger images. Or maybe you just uploaded those images 5 years ago, when a 400×300 pixels images was considered large. Whatever the reason, you want your images to look clean and sharp and you want them to still look great when a user enlarges it.

That’s what the Better Images plugin was built for. Taking advantage of the reverse image search technology offered for free by Google, Bing and other companies, the plugin will look for higher resolution versions of the same images you already have and allow you to replace them with just a few clicks. No matter on how many posts and pages you were using that image, once you replace it with a high-resolution one it will change everywhere! It’s that simple!

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