Reaction Buttons (WordPress)

The Reaction Button allow users to react your content but too lazy to type out an comment

Over time when only limited with 2 options original state monotonous: Like and Unlike, now you’ve got more options.

Once a user click on a reaction button, that’s means I can hear the complainers or cheer… Ex: OMG (Oh My God),LOL,WIN,SOCK,CUTE, WTF (Where The Funny or What the funny, etc…), This feature assumes that there are viewers, but are too lazy to type out an comment.

[+] Why choose?

1. Easy to install 2. Easy to use 2. Increased interest among viewers.

[+] Features: 1. React content with button. 2. List top reaction. 3. Show up any where with shortcode button. 4. Statistics react.

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