Selected User’s Comments with archive and widget (Interface Elements)

Selected User’s Comments (or Single User’s Comments) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create 2 things:

  • an archive page of comments of one selected user
  • a widget for your sidebar, footer (or other zone) with latest comments or replies of one selected user


  • You don’t have to mess with any shortcodes manually, while trying to setup this plugin. You can use built-in human-friendly shortcode editor. Just answer the questions and click the buttons to create comments archive page or to generate a custom shortcode.
  • You can use handy widget to add several comments of a chosen user to your sidebar or other widget zones.
  • You can see the list of all pages & posts, where you have used this plugin and edit them using human-friendly editor.
  • Please, request features that you need in comments below or by email. I will add them as soon as possible, if I get several similar requests.

Customizing features (changeable options)

  • display only selected users comments or other’s comments and his answers to them (like a dialog)
  • hide selected user’s avatar (if it looks annoying, because is repeated in every comment)
  • display the link to the original comment below certain post or page in a “read more” format or in a “post title” format
  • switch between 4 layout styles (rounded or squared, boxed or flat)
  • add custom CSS styles if you need
  • setup avatar size
  • setup avatar position
  • how many comments to display
  • cut the comment text to the set amount of letters
  • add the link from user’s comments widget to his comments archive (with total comments counter optionally)

Support and Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions and detailed description of all plugin’s options and pages is included in the Readme file.

Please, ask any questions related to that plugin or request features that you need in comments below or by email. Thank you for your attention.

Support email:


 31.12.2015 (v1.0.0) - initial release 

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