xPanel – Smart Sliding Panel and Sidebar Widget Area for WordPress Themes (Miscellaneous)

xPanel is a smart sliding panel and sidebar widget area for WordPress themes. With xPanel, you can present sidebar widgets and menu items in more user friendly way on mobile and tablets. Just one click and users will be able to toggle sidebar content in form of a sliding panel.

With xPanel, you can convert an existing sidebar into sliding panel or register a new sidebar. The plugin allows you to control viewport width on which panel shall be displayed. i.e. you can use it for any width from large displays to small mobiles. Give your site a new appeal and enhanced touch with this modern sliding sidebar. It works with almost all themes out there and you will find it a very useful tool in your plugin collection.

Check out the demos

default panelpanel with bar style togglepanel with offcanvas transitionpanel with right positionpanel with right position and bar style togglepanel with right position and offcanvas transitionpanel with right position with bar toggle and offcanvas transitionconvert existing sidebar into side paneldefault panel enabled on desktoppanel on desktop with offcanvas transition

Features in detail

  • Touch and slide sidebar panel using CSS3 animation
  • Convert existing sidebar container into slide panel
  • Choose from existing widget areas or register a new widget area for slide panel
  • Supports left or right panel position
  • Supports two panel transition options (off canvas or overlay)
  • 2 Panel toggle button styles (icon only at top, or icon with bar at bottom)
  • Custom text for toggle button
  • User defined custom viewport width for panel display
  • Accordion like collapsible menu items (You can enable or disable this feature from plugin settings)
  • Smooth CSS3 animations
  • Material Design icon library included
  • Works with almost any free or premium themes
  • Compatible on all major browsers (IE 9 or above)
  • Translation ready
  • Supports languages with RTL layout
  • Step by step documentation guide for plugin setup and configuration
  • Dedicated support in reasonable time span

How it works

After installing and activating xPanel, you can show a slide panel by either choosing a widget area, or by converting a widget container of front end into slide panel. Below are some use cases to help you understand how xPanel can be of great use:

Use case #1: Say you have a sidebar on your theme’s front end. This sidebar contains important widgets and contact forms which goes too down on mobile devices. You may need to show these in slide panel for mobile users. In this case, xPanel will help you converting this existing sidebar container into a sliding sidebar. You only need to provide the sidebar container selector in plugin settings. For example, #sidebar.

Use case #2: Say you are running an ecommerce site using WordPress. You might be having many filters for products, including price range, cart, attribute filters, etc. On mobile devices you would want to show these filters in more accessible manner for users. In such scenario, you can use xPanel for converting the shop sidebar into a cool “Filters” like bar on mobile.

Use case #3: Though most themes today support responsive menus, in some cases you would want to show a collapsible menu for users on mobile. xPanel has built in option for converting list items into collapsible accordion like menu. Using this feature, you can show a well structured collapsible menu using “custom menu” widget and xPanel for your mobile users.

These are just some examples in which xPanel can be used efficiently. You can show custom content, advertisements, forms, and almost anything using widgets into this side panel.

Purchase xPanel today and see how users love browsing your site on mobile.

Plugin Support

All support is provided via comments section and email. For any questions related to the plugin or general query, feel free to email me from my profile page message box, or comment on the item comments section. I would be glad to respond. Thank you for browsing the plugin.

Update log

= initial release =


jQuery library (as shipped with WordPress)
Material Design Icons
Settings API Wrapper

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Creative Social Links – WordPress Widget & Visual Composer Add-on (Add-ons)

Creative Social Links is a WordPress Widget and Visual Composer Add-on from the creators of Colors Creative WordPress theme that will help You create the best looking Social Links on the planet!

\ \ \ \ \ \

Main features overview

  • Simple to use plugin with Simplified controls
  • Links can be set to open in new tabs
  • Easy and Fast to setup
  • Unlimited colors
  • Major Global Provider Supported
  • Option to link Share, Subscribe, directly to Profile, Stream using direct URL
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9-11
  • Ready for WP 4.2+
  • Friendly Support
  • Unstressful documentation

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Webagency Widget – Multi-website builder plugin (Miscellaneous)

Webagency Widget – Multi-website builder for wordpress

Add a multi-website builder to your wordpress website. Offer both free and premium websites to your subscribers. Extremely easy to use. Create as many sites as you like and manage them within WordPress admin.

View the main features below.

Easy installation

Installing is Easy. Upload and activate the plugin. Add the Webagency Widget to your sidebar

Your blog visitors can now create website

Registion included a domain suggestion tool.

Visitors who register for a website are automatically turned to subscribers.

Custom CMS for subscribers

Your subscribers will now have access to a CMS allowing them to create multiple websites

The CMS is structured as followed

  • Website detail
  • Google Map with drag and drop Marker selector
  • Social links (facebook, twitter, instagram…ect)
  • Banners
    • Upload images with text and description to be used in animated sliders
  • Pages
  • Projects/Portfolio
    • Projects categories
      • Projects
      • Upload multiple images
  • Product Categories
    • Products Categories
      • Products
      • Upload multiple Images


Webagency Widget creates it’s own custom tables to store data. So that the script will never interfere with the data you already have onto your wordpress blog

Easy to use interface

The CMS uses an ajax interface powered by Jquery, no need to wait for page to be reloaded. You get access to you data instantly

Webagency Widget creates clean, modern and customizable websites.

Fully responsive and customizable designs

Ecommerce technology used allow your subscribers to run a paypal online store from the websites they’ve created.

Customizable themes

Sell domain packages to your subscribers

Charge your subscribers to host the website under a domain name while using your website builder.

Or try before you buy

Download our free demo version of the plugin

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LayersWP Widget Enhacer (Utilities)

LayersWP Widget Enhancer

LayersWP Widget Enhancer is a lightweight, simple and powerfull plugin that will add new and useful options to every Widget made for LayersWP, including Layers Pro and third party plugins.

Under design bar->advanced, you will see new available options.

Available Options

  • Widget Size: Choose the desired widget size as you normally do with columns and combine widgets in the same row
  • Widget Animation: Over 70 CSS animation activated on mouse scroll
  • Stick widget: Attach featured widgets at window top on mouse scroll
  • Title Font: Use different fonts on every widget title
  • Content Font: Use different fonts on every widget content
  • Background Attachment: Choose between Scroll (Normal) and fixed attachment
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    CodeCanyon Widget – Showcase CodeCanyon items with affiliate links (Miscellaneous)

    A simple and powerful WordPress plugin with which you can display CodeCanyon items as a WordPress widget. Several smart options are provided for selecting and ordering. You can select CodeCanyon latest items, popular items or items from one or more specific users. Optionally, you can connect items with your affiliate links as well.

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    Layers Twitter Feed Widget (Social Networking)

    The Layers Twitter Feed extension widget allows you to quickly and easily add a carousel, or list of your latest tweets to your website in no time at all.

    Control the number of tweets you display, the twitter username and use the intuitive layers design bar to visually edit the look of your embedded twitter feed.

    We’ve also included a twitter feed shortcode, so you can add your feed to non-layers pages or place the shortcode within a column of the layers content widget.

    All you need to do is install the extension, activate it add your twitter API credentials to the customizer (we show you how to do this – don’t worry!) then select the Twitter Feed widget from the list of available widgets within the customizer. The Twitter Feed widget settings allow you to type in your username and select how many tweets to show (up to 20) – you can also choose whether you want your tweets to display in a list or a carousel (for the widget only, not the shortcode) and style all aspects of the twitter feed..

    IMPORTANT: To use this plugin you must have a Layers Theme (or Layers Child Theme) installed on your WordPress site!

    NOTE: Some setup is required whereby the user must create a twitter application on http://apps.twitter.com and generate API credentials. details of how to do this is covered in the plugin documentation.

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    Selected User’s Comments with archive and widget (Interface Elements)

    Selected User’s Comments (or Single User’s Comments) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create 2 things:

    • an archive page of comments of one selected user
    • a widget for your sidebar, footer (or other zone) with latest comments or replies of one selected user


    • You don’t have to mess with any shortcodes manually, while trying to setup this plugin. You can use built-in human-friendly shortcode editor. Just answer the questions and click the buttons to create comments archive page or to generate a custom shortcode.
    • You can use handy widget to add several comments of a chosen user to your sidebar or other widget zones.
    • You can see the list of all pages & posts, where you have used this plugin and edit them using human-friendly editor.
    • Please, request features that you need in comments below or by email. I will add them as soon as possible, if I get several similar requests.

    Customizing features (changeable options)

    • display only selected users comments or other’s comments and his answers to them (like a dialog)
    • hide selected user’s avatar (if it looks annoying, because is repeated in every comment)
    • display the link to the original comment below certain post or page in a “read more” format or in a “post title” format
    • switch between 4 layout styles (rounded or squared, boxed or flat)
    • add custom CSS styles if you need
    • setup avatar size
    • setup avatar position
    • how many comments to display
    • cut the comment text to the set amount of letters
    • add the link from user’s comments widget to his comments archive (with total comments counter optionally)

    Support and Q&A

    Frequently Asked Questions and detailed description of all plugin’s options and pages is included in the Readme file.

    Please, ask any questions related to that plugin or request features that you need in comments below or by email. Thank you for your attention.

    Support email:


     31.12.2015 (v1.0.0) - initial release 

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    Extended Widget Options for WordPress (Widgets)

    Extended Widget Options is a must-have plugin if you want better control over your WordPress widgets. Elegant and feature-packed tabs are implemented below each widget for easier option changes. By activating this plugin you will open a lot of possibilities you’ll definitely love.

    Responsive Column Widgets

    Assign column display on each widget for every device! You can set up to four columns which is available for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.


    Set Custom Widget Alignment

    Change your widget content alignment to right, left or center for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.

    Show or Hide Widget Per User Role

    Set the user roles you want your widget to show! Assign widget for guest, customers, users, and any logged in user roles.


    Show or Hide Widgets on Specific WordPress Pages

    Change your sidebar content for different pages, post types, categories, and custom taxonomies.

    Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Device Sizes

    Assign sidebar widgets for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices. Time to remove unnecessary long sidebar widgets on mobile!


    Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Date Range

    Best option if you are running deals and promotion. Make the widget visible for certain time frames.

    Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Days

    Take leverage of the per-day widget visibility. Now you can display separate widgets on weekdays and/or weekends. Also the best way to give notice for closed or non-business days for your visitors. This option is awesomely available. The rest is up to you!


    and more…

    This plugin was built with flexibility on mind. It will give you more options that you can imagine, if you have an idea you can share it with me and I’ll be very happy to hear it.

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