Sixthlife Search for Envato Affiliates (Utilities)

Sixthlife Search WordPress Plugins is a Tool for Bloggers to promote Envato Products . It has been tested with (,,, VideoHive) marketplaces. You can use this plugin to write Long Articles/ Blog Posts including 1-100 Envato Products.

Sixthlife Search helps you search through the Envato Products retrieved from RSS feeds by Automatic Fetches(Crons) or Semi Automatic Fetches.

You can sift through the Envato Marketplace products and narrow down to include products on a specific topic. Use the searched list of Products to create a Blog Article.

Features of this WordPress Plugin

  • Ability to Write Unique Content Rich Articles/ Blog Posts for your Blog
  • Affiliate Marketers can create SEO friendly Post/ Article in less than 30 minutes.
  • It saves upto 70% of time you need to write an Article promoting Affiliate Products.
  • Quick Adjustment With your WordPress theme.
  • Automatic Fetching of Envato Products
  • Option to manually Fetch Envato Products when you need.
  • Editing the Envato Product descriptions, Previews etc you have fetched earlier.
  • Well tested system and WP Plugin

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A demo blog created with the help of this plugin is at
Demo Blog
WP Admin
username: admin
password: admin


If you need more information or have issues please feel free to get in touch with us at

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