Envato WooCommerce Importer (WooCommerce)


It is a plugin that used to import products from envato to your WordPress WooCommerce site. The plugin is helpful to create a store with specific products and use affiliate URLs.

You can easily import products from envato. Once uploading process is completed, uploaded items will appear as products in WooCoommere table.

Live Previews

Frontend Preview – displaying of products in WooCommerce. You can change the view as you want if edit WooCommerce template files.
Backend Preview – plugin backend

Look at the main features

Common Settings

To configure the plugin you can use several settings:

  1. Price Multiplier
    It`s used to set the multiplier value of price for all imported products. This parameter is usefull when you set your markup.
  2. Currency conversion factor
    If your store has currency that differs from us dollar then you need specify the conversion factor right here. The price will be multiplied by its value.
  3. Products per page
    It`s the showing count of product per page in the search results.
  4. Use attributes
    If the setting is on, then the plugin uses source attributes in WooCommerce.
  5. Use source shipment charges
    The parameter determines if loads shipment charges by product seller.
  6. Shipment charges
    Set own value for charges.
  7. Use affiliate product URLs
    If you want to take part in the affiliate program, you need specify own API Key and turn on this setting. Also the Default Product Type setting should be set to Exteranl/Affiliate Product .
  8. Default Product Type
    This is WooCommerce setting. By default WooCommerce assign simple product type for each product that has been imported from some provider (eBay, Aliexpress and etc.). If you want to transfer user on the provider website, once he clicks on buy button on the WooCommerce product page, then just set the setting to External/Affiliate Product . Also the setting value should be used if you want to generate affiliate links for user.
  9. Default Product Status
    Set the default product status for importing into WooCommerce.
  10. Update price
    Turn this option on to activate auto price update feature for the imported products. This feature works for Aliexpress and Ebay products.
  11. Update price period
    Set the default period for price update feature.

settings woocommerce importer

Envato Settings

  1. Account setting
    You need to setup API Keys to work with platforms, or you can use our prepared key that initially set in the Setting.
  2. Products per page
    You can set the number of products which should be imported per request. API has constraints to limit maximum number.

envato settings woocommerce importer

Search filters

You can looking for specific product using ProductId field. Also there are several search filters for each platform: keywords, category, price range, condition, site

search filter envato woocommerce importer

Importing products

You can easily import products into WooCommerce using our built-in API key or use your own keys.

product list envato woocommerce importer

Sort results by fields

The plugin lets you to sort imported products by different fields.

sort results by fields woocommerce importer

Edit product functions

You can edit the product data before placing it into WooCommerce. Notice: For editing of some data you need to press the button Load more details

edit product functions woocommerce importer

Schedule Post

You can post products at a scheduled time.

schedule post woocommerce importer

Choose a product category

You can choose some existing WooCommerce category to load products into it directly. if you don`t specify this field, then original category will be used.

choose a product category woocommerce importer

Keeping the seller url

Once product has been imported into WooCommerce, there is new custom field Seller_url appeared in the product.

keeping the seller url woocommerce importer

How to install and update the plugin?


Installing of Envato WooCommerce Importer is very simple. Technically, the plugin Installation on your blog can be done in two ways:

  • Dashboard method (upload and install)
  • FTP

In FTP method, you upload the plugin`s zip using an FTP software such as FileZilla, and activate and configure it. Whereas, in dashboard method, you upload, install and activate the plugin.

1. Install Plugin from WordPress Dashboard
Login to your blog dashboard and click on Plugins >Add new . There is an option to upload. Click on it and upload the plugin`s zip.

installing woocommerce importer

2. FTP method to Install the Plugin:
Unzip the plugin`s zip and upload it to your WordPress plugin upload folder using FTP software. Normally, the folder is located under …/wp-content/plugins . Once you are done uploading the file in unzipped format, you can simply go to WordPress plugins folder under WP dashboard and activate the plugin.

installing woocommerce importer

Installing Extensions

If you have already installed some our importer plugin (eBay & Aliexpress, Walmart, Amazon, Envato WooCommerce Importer), then make sure to make the actions:

1. Unpack the archive WooImporter.zip

2. Replace the WooImporter folder on your server with the same folder from the plugin archive root. The includes folder on your server you can find using the path like …/wp-content/plugins/WooImporter .

installing add-ons extensions woocommerce importer

3. Reactivate plugin.

About us

Geometrix Digital Agency specializes in WordPress plugins creation.
Company page: gmetrixteam.com
Plugin page: Envato WooCommerce Importer

Our fields in details:

  • Create WordPress plugins
  • Configure mobile apps to work with WordPress (REST API SERVICE)
  • Make integration with 3rd-party platforms like Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc.
  • Connect social network APIs (FB, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

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ThemeBox – A PSD Template for Envato Authors (Corporate)

ThemeBox is a showcasing template for the authors of Envato. This is a special design only for Envato authors. There are many authors who doesn’t have own site for showcasing templates and designs. We have planned to design for them this time. Enjoy with ThemeBox and get your own showcase site.

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Envato Item Box for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Envato Item Box for Visual Composer

Display envato market place item on your page


  • add single or multiple items to one box
  • add your referral link
  • get item attributes via envato api
  • 3 custom box styles
  • data caching
  • responsive design








Version 1.0 (11/03/2016) * initial release

Please use the comment section for general questions, feedbacks etc… only. For error related and for more complex problems, please use BTechUnit@gmail.com
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CQPIM Project Management – Envato Add-On (Add-ons)


This is an add-on plugin for the core CQPIM Project Management Plugin.

The CQPIM Envato Add-On allows Envato Authors to manage support tickets / tasks / development from buyers who have purchased any of their items. It uses the Envato API to check purchase codes & Support Entitlement, ensuring that the information is always up to date each time a support ticket is raised.


1. Download and install CQPIM (2.8.5+) 2. Download and install the CQPIM Envato Add On 3. Navigate in the CQPIM Menu to “Envato Settings” 4. Fill in your Envato API details, and add all items that you want to support through the system. 5. That’s it, you’re ready to go


You’ll notice that after installing the Add On, there are new metaboxes in the clients and support tickets sections of CQPIM. There is also a new link on the login page that allows buyers to register with their purchase codes.

Once a buyer registers, they will be able to log in to the CQPIM Client Dashboard and raise support tickets, request quotes for custom work etc.

When a buyer raises a support ticket, they have to choose which product they are having issues with. When the product is chosen, their support entitlement is updated and displayed to them. You can choose whether or not members with expired support can continue to raise a ticket.

Once the ticket is raised, you can see the most up to date support information in the ticket, so you’ll always know if the buyer is entitled to support.

The buyer can also add multiple product codes if they have purchased multiple products from you, but each product code can only be registered on the system once.


PHP 5.3+ Apache or Nginx Working WP-Cron cURL (Installed and Working) WordPress 4+ CQPIM 2.8.5+

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MyAffiliate – Earn with Envato Affiliate Program (WordPress)

MyAffiliate is a simple & light weight WordPress plugin, which can make your affiliate marketing automated. If you are running a WordPress, and want to make money out of it with affiliate marketing for Envato market place items, then the myaffiliate is the best option for you.

Feature Highlights

1. The Plugin is lightweight
2. Based on the native WordPress Hooks
3. You Only Need to Setup the Plugin Once
4. The Content of your site will not be modified, so technically you can use this plugin with a WordPress site which already have content.

You only need to have one or many Envato market place urls appearing in your website content, and the plugin is enabled ( provided you have done information requested at settings page), you basically do not have to do anything after that.

The plugin will automatically look for the envato market place urls and convert them into your affiliate urls. Simple.

The Most Important Point is , It will not modify your posts The plugin will dynamically provide the user with an affiliate url with your referral added to it.

Do not want to show your link as a referral link , Yes, the plugin comes with an built in option to mask your referral url. you can use goo.gl or adf.ly to mask your url. (of course you can earn some additional money with adf.ly) . It only take a minute to configure the plugin to make your autopilot affiliate campaign.

Also you can monitor the activity of your referral links from your shortening service dash board (adf.ly). So you can earn-for the clicks as well, when you are getting an affiliate earning too.

This is the initial release of this plugin, and more features are coming soon.

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Online Chat Support with Envato Purchase codes – WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

We Work to keep this item on the top Chat Support

feel free to contact us and send your feedback in here hamzhmail@gmail.com

  • Chat With Your visitor in WordPress site
  • admin can make him online or offline
  • operators (admins) can chat with each other
  • get user information IP address , country , browser and OS
  • admin can make user on hold
  • if user not responding for time admin will allocated the system will warning him with a massage and after another time of not responding the system will end chat except the user on hold by admin
  • user can rate and comment of chat session during chat
  • after user end chat session he can rate and comment feedback for chat session
  • works as Gmail or Facebook like
  • sound and title alert for new massages
  • Easy to type emotions
  • If chat window is minimized, it notifies you if new message arrived
  • user can download chat logs
  • admin notification in admin bar if new massages and new users
  • contact form when all admins offline
  • admin can chat at any page in dashboard admin and user interface
  • admin can change user massages (welcome massage – offline massage … ) and fields (name-email-comments)


 ==  24 Nov 2015 / version 1.0.4 ============================ - Fix some bugs , - Start new session after ending chat , - Add font-awesome in admin option , - Improve CSS style  .  - Add Shift-Enter to add new line in admin panel .  - And more improvement .  == 18 Nov 2015 / version 1.0.3 ============================ - Add Envato Purchase codes to inform admin if user is PURCHASED and SUPPORTED or Support Expired - Add Your Envato API . - Support Envato market . - Add New Style to Admin Panel . - Fix Bugs . - Improve CSS . == 18 Nov 2015 / version 1.0.2 ============================ - fix bugs  == 17 Nov 2015 / version 1.0.1 ============================ - not display chat until site complete load . - fix bugs  ==  17 Nov 2015 / Version 1.0.0 ============================ - Release item on codecanyon  

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Envato Affiliate (Miscellaneous)

An Envato Affiliate WordPress plugin to display envato market place item in WordPress Post and Page with your referral link.

This plugin has inbuilt click counter that help to track click on different envato item.

Plugin Features

  • 3 shortcode styles
  • Sidebar widget
  • Admin Dashboard widget
  • Plugin settings page
  • Click report page
  • mysql data caching
  • Translation Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Additionally customizable by using CSS

Supports ALL Envato Marketplaces

  • ActiveDen
  • AudioJungle
  • ThemeForest
  • VideoHive
  • GraphicRiver
  • 3Docean
  • CodeCanyon
  • Tutorial+ Network
  • Photodune!

Change Logs

Version 1.0

- Initial Release.

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Woocommerce Envato Affiliates – WordPress Plugin (Marketing)

Choose from over 8,441,220 items for sale on Envato Market to advertise to your customers!

The plugin works with all Envato Marketplaces – ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, ActiveDen, AudioJungle, VideoHive, PhotoDune and 3dOcean.

How does it work?

Using the new Envato API, you can bulk import items from all marketplaces into your woocommerce wordpress website in just a flash! All you need is a OAUTH CLIENT ID, CLIENT SECRET and of course your Affiliate ID in order to get the money!

On Envato Market sites you can make 30% of a referred user’s first purchase or initial deposit.

More precisely when a new user clicks your referral link, signs up for an account and purchases an item (or deposits money) via any of the Envato Market sites, you will receive 30% of that person’s first cash deposit or purchase price. If they deposit $ 20 into their account, you get $ 6. If they buy a $ 200 item, you get $ 60.

WooEnvato is the newest tool for success! Start making money today!


  • Great SEO content for your items
  • Advanced search on all marketplaces and Bulk Import Products
  • One second import
  • Direct Checkout Option
  • Crosseling
  • Free theme included
  • Banners
  • Widgets
  • You can import from Envato all the informations about the items :
  • Name, Price, Number of Sales, The Item’s Author, Rating, Full Description, Preview Image & More!
  • You can automatically import the most popular products from any Envato Marketplace!
  • When searching for items, you can filter by rating, price, author, tags, sales, upload date & much much more.
  • You can also look up a single item by ID and import it.
  • The plugin comes bundled with a eCommerce Theme made specially for the WooEnvato Plugin.
  • On the homepage you can use specific shortcodes to showcase latest items from each Marketplace, Featured Items from a specific Marketplace, Advertising Banners, Widgets and so on.

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Envato Referral Booster – Affiliate Plugin (Advertising)

Envato Referral Booster is a WordPress Plugin designed to help boost your referrals by including Envato Products on your WordPress site. You can decide which products are displayed and your referral link will be automatically added to the products. It also comes with a Keyword System that allows you to specify Keywords with URLs and they will then be automatically linked to when your Posts/Pages are displayed.


  • WordPress Version 3.5 or greater
  • PHP Version 3 or greater
  • PHP CURL library


  • Display any Envato Product on your site with your referral link automatically included!
  • You earn $ for each referred user that purchases an item on Envato. You can view the amount earned in your Earnings page. For more information on Envato’s Affiliate System, go to: http://codecanyon.net/make_money/affiliate_program.
  • Easily add your Username in the options page to make sure your Referral Link is included in every product you display.
  • Widget
    • Display Widget which allows you to show off Envato products.
    • Display newest items from a specific author.
    • Display weekly popular items from the Marketplaces.
    • Display newest items from categories in specific Marketplaces (e.g. all site templates from ThemeForest).
    • Display specific items by specifying their productids.
    • Display items based on Search keywords.
    • Limit the amount of items you display.
  • ShortCode
    • Simple shortcode allows you to display any product in any post/page anywhere.
  • Posts/Pages
    • Each post/page can have it’s own specific list of items added, includes all the options of the Widget.
    • Can display products above/below post or overwrite the Widget area.
    • Easily select the options from a meta-box added in the Admin Area when creating a new post/page.
  • Keywords
    • Specify Keywords and the URLs that should be used to link them.
    • Can add an unlimited amount.
    • Each keyword you specify will be looked for in post/pages and automatically turned into links based on the URLs you set. Automatically adds your Referral username.
    • Easily add new articles/content without having to worry about making sure you provide referral links.
    • Can easily disable Keywords via Options page.
    • When you disable the plugin, all keywords will be removed from your posts/pages.
  • Uses the Envato Marketplace API to grab data from products so it keeps them accurate and up-to-date.

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Envato Shortcode – WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

Envato Shortcode is a WordPress Plugin, which allows you to present always up-to-date information about products from the all of Envato Markets (ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, Codecanyon, VideoHive, PhotoDune, 3DOcean, AudioJungle, ActiveDen) in posts in a elegant and simple way and to earn money in the Envato Affiliate Program.

Data presentation

The plugin offers three ways to present data:

1. Large box (default)

2. Clickable Product Name with price
great to create a list of products:

3. Clickable Product Price
to be placed anywhere in the text:

Preview Image

Too see preview image just place the cursor on the product thumbnail.:

Custom CSS

We tried to make our plugin the most universal and independent of the used template. Of course, this is not always possible and sometimes a minor appearance changing may be necessary (like font size, button colors etc.). You can do it in the settings page, adding your own CSS rules.


  • three ways of presenting data
  • Envato Affiliate Program support
  • showing preview image
  • custom CSS
  • responsive
  • ready for translation (.po files)
  • data caching (reducing the number of connections to Envato Market API)

If you have any pre-sale questions or suggestions for additiotal functionality, post a comment.

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