WordPress Post Tags Checker ( Dashboard Widget ) (Widgets)

Simple Tags checker , the plugin preview posts that’s have no tags and introduce it to adminstator into dashboard widget.

also it give you the ability to redirect to the untaged posts directly throw the fix it Link

wordpress version 3.8.3
to run it please folow this simple steps:

1- install new and clean wordpress cms.

2- upload the php file (tag_checker_dashboard_widget.php) into wordpress plugin folder (wp-content\plugins\tag_checker_dashboard_widget.php)

3- activate the plugin and try it you will find it appears at the dashboard

4- try to fix posts appears to you via click on fix it anchor .

5- if you define tags for the posts , it’s automatically will disappear from the post tag checker widget in the dashboard.

Please let me know you feedback via contact me at this e-mail (moh@dt4it.com)

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