WP Watch Movies & TV Shows Online (Media)

Now you can run your own movies/tv-shows/podcasts/etc. (like primewire, letmewatchthis) website and stay in the comfort of WordPress with our Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Plugin.

Building your audience for this niche is very easy and having a high traffic sites is a step away of you.

Automatically grabs movie info and creates a post

This plugin will help you easily insert movies/tv shows by automatically fetch info like movie poster, release date, description, actors, genres, etc.

Based on native WP Custom post types & taxonomies

This doesn’t use a separate database table. Instead, it uses native wordpress custom post types for the movies/tv-shows.
Custom taxonomies (like native categories) are also used:
Create as many genres as you want
Create as many kinds you want: Movies, Tv Shows, Podcasts, etc.

jQuery/AJAX Powered

For the sleek experience of your visitors, we have integrated a lot of ajax based features:

  • AJAX PAGINATION: it’s very easy to configure how many items you want to appear on a page before pagination appears (next/previous buttons)
  • AJAX SEARCH: filtering options by title, kind, actor, genre
  • AJAX STAR RATING SYSTEM: let your users rate movies they like very much or dislike instead.

Nice tabs for the homepage

  • recent movies tab
  • top rated movies tab
  • most commented tab
  • most links tab

Create as many tabs as you want for your movie/tv shows links like: Series #1, Series #2, etc.

Configuration options for how many items per page, per row, per homepage

Widget for genres

Want to show all genres in your sidebars? No problem, there’s a widget which will help you achieve that

and many many more which you can discover only by purchasing yourself and playing with the powers of this awesome plugin…

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