MusicHub – Music Search Engine + Itunes Affiliate Script

MusicHub is a script that you can run a fully automated song charts, music search engine and a fully automated music affiliate website within several minutes.This script will let your visitors to browse music and download them in several formats including Mp3. Discovering best musics & download them has never been easier . But this […]

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Affiliate Links — WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking (Advertising)

Do you like to see links which look like this? There’s no way of knowing where you’ll end up once you click on that! What if you could make that link look like Sounds cool, huh? Well, with this plugin, you can.

Affiliate Links is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to mask any URL in order to create and shorten any internal or external links. This plugin will be useful for masking partner links to affiliate websites.

Why you need Affiliate Links plugin:

  • Boost your SEO by hiding affiliate links from search engines.
  • Protect your earnings by masking referral links.
  • Increase your revenue by analyzing your link traffic and stats.
  • Save your time by using affiliate links easily and with no hassle.

See what happens every time someone clicks on your link. Get access to all the details, such as how many times the user has clicked on the link, what browser they’re using, what language, etc.

Conditional Redirects

This feature lets you personalize redirect URLs based on the visitor’s language, browser, Operating system, and platform.

Google Analytics Tracking

Track each link click on your website as an event in Google Analytics. Use the separate settings tabs to choose what you want to track.

This plugin gives you control over every link and you can set up a description, the redirection type, and a nofollow header.

With this plugin, you have a wide range of ways to use affiliate links, such as widgets, shortcodes, and an html/shortcode generator. The two available widgets, Recent and Popular affiliate links, also let you specify the link category and count.

The HTML and shortcode generator makes using links a piece of cake — just choose the options you need and click Copy.

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LaramBy – Amazon and Ebay Affiliate WordPress Plugin (eCommerce)

LaramBy WP Plugin – Simple Plugin for displaying amazon and ebay affiliate products with your referral link with Simple ShortCode


  • Easy Configuration
  • Support All Locale Amazon Api
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • China
    • France
    • Germany
    • India
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Spain
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
  • Support All Locale Ebay Api
    • eBay United States
    • eBay Canada (English)
    • eBay UK
    • eBay Australia
    • eBay Austria
    • eBay Belgium (French)
    • eBay France
    • eBay Germany
    • eBay Motors
    • eBay Italy
    • eBay Belgium (Dutch)
    • eBay Netherlands
    • eBay Spain
    • eBay Switzerland
    • eBay Hong Kong
    • eBay India
    • eBay Ireland
    • eBay Malaysia
    • eBay Canada (French)
    • eBay Philippines
    • eBay Poland
    • eBay Singapore

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Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin (Membership)

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is the newest and most completed Affiliate WordPress Plugin that allow you provide a premium platform for your Affiliates with different rewards and amounts based on Ranks or special Offers.

You can turn on your Website into a REAL business and an income machine where you just need to sit down and let the others to work for you!

Each Affiliate can creates his own marketing Campagin and brings more Affiliates via the “Multi-Level-Marketing” strategy.

Depends of your design you can use one of the predefined Templates for Login cutting of the additional Links and the Remember Me option.

Also, for special desires, a Custom CSS is available, so any Template can be customized.

Besides the Predefined Templates, all the Fields are customizable being able to change the Labels, Order and the Required Conditions.

For additional purpose, Unlimited No. of Fields can be added in different type with other great options like Password Strength, a Capcha Verification or TOS validate condition.

Vertical or Horizontal Menu is available for Account Page. There are more than 15 Menu options with different pages available into Account Page. Different sections, from Profile, Marketing to Reports are customizabled and ready to help your Affiliates for a better approach.

Email Subscription

Provides all the best ways to keep and manage your Affiliates emails in a dedicated Marketing Platform for further purpose. 9 Email Marketing Platforms are available: MailChimp, MailPoet, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, MyMail, iContact, GetResponse, MadMimi.

Ultimate Affiliate PRO

With a Complete system, Ultimate Affiliate PRO will allow you to increase your income in few days.

With a great intuitive Dashboard, you will finish your settings in minutes and you may sit down waiting your Affiliates working for you.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro – main features

  • Ranks with Achievements
    Classify your affiliates into separate ranks and assign a different commission level. Each Affiliate can be promoted to the next Rank once reached the Achievements
  • Unlimited Affiliates
    There is no limit for your number of Affiliates that can promote your products and services
  • Custom Amount
    Set a Percentage or Flat Amount for each Rank, Offer or custom commission, such a MLM rewards
  • Special Offers
    Affiliates can earn different commissions based on which product/s are purchased. The Offer can be limited by a Date Range.
  • Multi-level Marketing
    Turn On your Affiliate platform into a MLM system that will boost your own affiliates to recruit new leads.  Based on your needs there can be set a UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix system.

  • Lifetime Commissions
    Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer. Now worries anymore about Cookies or different browsers
  • Performance Bonuses
    Set bonus commissions when one of your Affiliate touch a specific Rank or when he signUp for the first time. Each Rank may have a different Bonus.
  • Banners Management
    Provides different Banners that will help your Affiliates to promote your products and services on any website with an embedded code.
  • PayPal Payouts
    Pay your Affiliates their earnings via PayPal directly from Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just few clicks. Choose to pay specific Referrals or the entire Deposit.
  • Stripe Payouts
    Pay your US Affiliates their earnings via Stripe directly from Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just few clicks.

  • Recurring Referrals
    Award Commissions for recurring subscriptions into Membership systems with a custom amount and a different one from one Rank to another.
  • Allow Own Referrals
    Allow for your Affiliate to earn commissions from their own referrals
  • Signup Referrals
    Available for Membership system awarding a flat commission when referred user sign Up
  • Social Share
    Integrated with Social Share&Locker provides Share button options for your Affiliate to share their Affiliate Links on Social Network.
  • OptIn Integration
    9 Email Marketing Platforms integrated where you can store your Affiliates Emails for further Newsletter campaigns.

  • Custom Fields Form
    Multiple Custom Fields types that will provide a fully customized Register Form.
  • Account Page
    Over 15 Menu tab with different options and fully customizable based on 2 predefined Templates and specific sections.
  • Affiliate Info
    There are many shortcodes that will help you to display for each logged Affiliate personal Info all over the website.
  • Translation Ready
    Ultimate Affiliate Pro is ready to work into any language being fully translation ready.
  • Reports
    Detailed Affiliate reports or payments stats for Admin and each Affiliate into Account Page.
  • Notifications
    Email Notifications for different actions or stages to Affiliates and system Admin

In the Future

Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice new features.


If you want to use Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.0+, and install the plugin.

Updates Log

Version 1.1

 - ADD New Notifications Template - ADD Notifications Options - ADD "Become Affiliate" button into WP Users page - Improve CSS Templates and Showcases - ADD New Shortcodes - Improve restrict Access into WP Dashboard - ADD Custom Access into WP Dashboard - Improve Error notifications - Improve Account Page - Improve manual Referrals Insert - Improve manual Users Insert 


  • FontAwesome
  • Bootstrap Responsive
  • jQuery Flot
  • ReCaptcha

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WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress Affiliates (WordPress)

The WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress Affiliates is the most unique, stable, fast and really easy to install and maintain WordPress Affiliate Table. This table is developed by professional developers who know how important a good and customizable table is. We have included many features to make your life and business easier and we promise, you don´t need any other table anymore ” alt=”” />

What Can I Do With WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress!

You can use the plugin for anything that suits your imagination. First of all, it has been developed to be used as Affiliate Table for any kind of affiliate business.

We have invested a lot of time and work to come-up with an elegant but most of all, useful and easy to edit Affiliate Table. Our main goal was to develop a table that is very easy to edit, to change positions of the brands you promote as an affiliate and to easily add or delete them without a hustle.

  • One click install
  • Simple to use drag & drop UI
  • Fully responsive (you’re in control of what is displayed on which device)
  • WordPress media manager integration (no need for images (re)upload)
  • Colors & font manager (limitless styling options without CSS knowledge)


Buying And Using WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress will save you a lot of stress and time in the first place. But time and stress is not such a big issue when things run smoothly. This is the main reason you should buy and use WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress, it just runs perfectly smooth without stress.

You don’t just buy a plugin because you need a table to run your affiliate website like a pro, no, you buying the plugin because you also want to work like a pro and we believe that it can save you a lot of time and as previously mentioned, stress. When you buy our Affiliate Table, we ensure you, you will have more time to focus on other things like SEO and Linkbuilding.

We Promise a Lifetime Support!

After you have purchased Wp Affiliate Table and have at your side, we, from our side, promise to work every day to assist you with questions and improvements making your day a nice one.

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Let’s Review | WordPress Review Plugin With Affiliate Options (Interface Elements)

Let’s Review is a WordPress review plugin to add beautiful responsive and modern review boxes to your posts. Let’s review is powerful but ridiculously easy to use, thanks to a logical and well designed backend system. You will find lots of illustrated options and speedy drag and drop options that allow you to add unlimited criterias, positives, negatives and affiliate buttons.

WordPress review plugin Let's Review plugin Screenshot of the WordPress reviews Affiliate options in user reviews

Let’s review allows you to select from numerous format options, including Percentage, points, stars, Custom Icon and Custom Image. With the Custom Icon option you can enter any html code of icons. The plugin comes with FontAwesome integrated (Can be disabled in plugin options if desired), which means you already have 628 icons to choose from. With the Custom Image option you can upload any image of a single thing you want to appear, and the plugin will automatically show it 5 times per criteria and in the final score box, and on top of that, with a bit of magic code, the plugin will automatically create all the animation effects.

Review with Affiliate Options

Let’s Review also comes with affiliate options for your reviews, so that can monetize your reviews the help of beautiful affiliate buttons. Add an unlimited number of them to any site you want. The text of each button is customizable too.

Set default options for reviews

Thanks to the default options section, you can save time by setting your default options. Including default options for accent color, format, design, animation type, location, skin color style, and criterias.

Powerful Widget

The plugin also comes with a powerful widget. The Let’s Review widget has lots of options to choose from, including multiple designs options, order options and filters.

Translatable into any language and RTL Ready

Fully-translatable into any language (including RTL ones) with the help of .po/.mo files. And the plugin already comes with the completed translation files for French and Spanish. More languages will be added over time as kind users send them in.

Rich Snippets markup inbuilt

Review boxes come with rich snippet markup, meaning that when search engines, such as Google, will show the review data. This is useful to increase CTR from the search engines.

Super clean code

By following best WordPress and OOP coding practices, the plugin is written in super clean code. Ensuring great performance, theme compatibility and compatibility with future WordPress versions.

Show off more images of the product being reviewed in a lovely gallery that opens in a sleek full-screen slideshow.

Full list of features:

  • Lots of designs and combinations to choose from
  • Unlimited Criterias
  • Unlimited Negatives
  • Unlimited Positives
  • Unlimited Affiliate Buttons
  • Translatable into any language
  • RTL compatible
  • Add reviews to posts and custom posts
  • Powerful Widget with lots of options
  • Review rich snippet markup inbuilt to show review data in search results
  • Inbuilt gallery option
  • Default Options to save time when adding new reviews
  • Use any custom icon for the reviews
  • Use any image for the reviews
  • Percentage
  • Stars
  • Points
  • Set option fonts for your review boxes
  • Comes with FontAwesome integrated and can be turned off in plugin options
  • Extensive documentation
  • Pick from 3 different animation styles for when criterias come into screen view
  • Select between editor only/visitor only/editor + visitor reviews
  • Visitor rating option
  • Responsive design
  • Retina Ready

Let’s Review may well be the best WordPress review plugin ever created, and in case you are wondering, the theme used in the demo site is 15Zine:

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SEO Auto Affiliate Linker WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

SEO Auto Affiliate Linker WordPress Plugin is designed to create text link ads for advertisers and referral links to make money with affiliate programs.

The Auto linker functionality of our SEO Link Building plugin allows to add link to any word on your site in two clicks, and link will be added to all pages.

The Affiliate Linker functionality helps to batch add affiliate external links for any web service that has Affiliate program. If links of some products from other web sites were mentioned on your blog – you can monetize your site easily.

We were doing our best to create convenient and flexible solution for you, so please, check out our WordPress SEO Linker Plugin.

SEO Auto Affiliate Linker WordPress Plugin’s Features:

  • Auto linker functionality
  • Affiliate Linker functionality
  • Statistics: view who clicked at your links
  • Increase your website’s brand awareness
  • Make money by adding Affiliate external links to any text

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Wdoo WooCommissionJunction – Affiliate Plugin (WooCommerce)

Easily create an affiliate website with the Wdoo WooCommissionJunction plugin! This fantastic plugin imports products from Commission Junction merchants (you sign up to as an affiliate) via thier API or XML Files into WooCommerce..a perfect marriage! The documentation provided with WooCommissionJunction will easily show you how to import products.

Wdoo WooCommissionJunction plugin can be used with any wordpress theme and intergrates seamlessly with any woocommerce wordpress theme.

Import 100s of products with ease!


  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • WooCommerce Plugin (free)
  • WordPress Installation

Important: If you do not have the above requirements this script will not work. You will also need:

  • Commission Junction Account (free) Sign up Here
  • Commission Junction API Key
  • Commission Junction Website ID


  • Detailed Documentation
  • Import Products using Commission Junction’s API or XML Files or Both
  • Cron Job – schedule when products are imported: 15min, 30min, Hourly or Daily
  • Import Products using keywords
  • Import Products from all merchants you sig up to
  • Import Products from selected merchants you sign up to
  • Import Products into categories
  • 100% WooCommerce Intergration
  • Create unlimited cron jobs
  • Upload unlimited XML files


  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Commission Junction


If you have a question or need support you can through my profile!

Regards, Freddie

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MyAffiliate – Earn with Envato Affiliate Program (WordPress)

MyAffiliate is a simple & light weight WordPress plugin, which can make your affiliate marketing automated. If you are running a WordPress, and want to make money out of it with affiliate marketing for Envato market place items, then the myaffiliate is the best option for you.

Feature Highlights

1. The Plugin is lightweight
2. Based on the native WordPress Hooks
3. You Only Need to Setup the Plugin Once
4. The Content of your site will not be modified, so technically you can use this plugin with a WordPress site which already have content.

You only need to have one or many Envato market place urls appearing in your website content, and the plugin is enabled ( provided you have done information requested at settings page), you basically do not have to do anything after that.

The plugin will automatically look for the envato market place urls and convert them into your affiliate urls. Simple.

The Most Important Point is , It will not modify your posts The plugin will dynamically provide the user with an affiliate url with your referral added to it.

Do not want to show your link as a referral link , Yes, the plugin comes with an built in option to mask your referral url. you can use or to mask your url. (of course you can earn some additional money with . It only take a minute to configure the plugin to make your autopilot affiliate campaign.

Also you can monitor the activity of your referral links from your shortening service dash board ( So you can earn-for the clicks as well, when you are getting an affiliate earning too.

This is the initial release of this plugin, and more features are coming soon.

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CodeCanyon Widget – Showcase CodeCanyon items with affiliate links (Miscellaneous)

A simple and powerful WordPress plugin with which you can display CodeCanyon items as a WordPress widget. Several smart options are provided for selecting and ordering. You can select CodeCanyon latest items, popular items or items from one or more specific users. Optionally, you can connect items with your affiliate links as well.

CodeCanyon new WordPress items